Guidelines for the "Let's Plays" – Let's Play Policy

We keep receiving requests by players, who'd like to make Youtube videos for our games. Here at upjers, we very much apreciate your interest as well as your creativity. In general, we enjoy seeing our games in "Let's Plays" and similar formats. We suppose you may ask yourselves about our attitude regarding the usage of content copyrighted by upjers in these videos. To avoid any insecurities right from the start, we'd therefore like to show you here, which prerequisites you have to meet and bear in mind when using our contents.

And there are good news for all "Let's Players"! You may publish any videos featuring our games produced by yourselves via Youtube or similar portals without our prior consent - given you mind the following points:

We expressly reserve the right to change or expand these rules and regulations at any time. Furthermore, upjers may revoke the granted rights of use at any time, especially if a user infringes one or more of the above-mentioned points.

In case you have further questions on videos of our games or any of the points listed in this permission, please send an email to with the subject-title "Let's Play".

Valid as of: February 25th 2013